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AIP- Made Easy Snack Box

Product Code: AIP-MEB-B

DESCRIPTION: Sometimes it can feel like snacks and AIP don’t mix. After all, when you cut out nuts and seeds, eggs and nightshades, what’s left on the Paleo Snack List? The AIP Made Easy Snack Box is here to prove that AIP snacking IS possible! Every snack is carefully selected by Sarah Ballantyne, author of The Paleo Approach, AIP expert and blogger behind ThePaleoMom.com, so you know it’s 100% AIP-friendly. With crunchy sweet potato chips and plantain strips, satisfying jerky bars from EPIC and Wild Zora and sweet dried fruit from Burkart Organics, this box has an answer to whatever your craving is calling for!


1 Jackson's Honest - Sweet Potato Chips - 5 oz

1 Artisan Tropic - Sea Salt Plantain Strips – 4.5 oz

1 Burkart Organics - Organic Sun-Dried Mixed Fruit - 8 oz

1 Wild Zora - Meat & Veggie Bar - Lamb Rosemary Spinach

1 Epic - Epic Bar - Beef Apple Bacon

 1 Epic - Epic Bites - Uncured Bacon

Product ratings
Number of reviews : 5
Average rating : 5 /5
5/ 5
Yum! Delicious snack items!
5/ 5
Every product was delicious and perfectly compliant with my AIP lifestyle!
5/ 5
This box right here has made life on an AIP diet a little bit easier. Things I can try without breaking the bank if I don't like them or they don't work for me. However, I've not found anything that is bad yet!
5/ 5
Great variety.
5/ 5
Very happy to find this.