Artisan Tropic - Cassava Strips - 4.5 oz

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Artisan Tropic

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AIP Egg Free Gluten Free Grain Free Non GMO NutFree Paleo Soy Free Sugar Free Vegan

DESCRIPTION: Cassava, also known as yuca, is a starchy South American root with a flavor reminiscent of the potato. The cassava takes center stage in Artisan Tropic’s delicious chips! The ingredient list is simple: cassava root is lightly fried in non-hydrogenated palm oil (a fat that’s very stable at high heats, making it the best choice for Paleo frying) then dressed with sea salt to create the perfect starchy snack.

We love that the fibrous cassava makes a sturdier, crunchier chip than you might be used to. Try dipping these chips into your favorite salsa, guacamole or a little homemade mayo! Plus, since cassava is a nightshade-free vegetable, cassava strips might be the perfect AIP chip substitute! Try out a whole new snacking experience with Artisan Tropic’s Cassava Strips.

INGREDIENTS: Non GMO Cassava, Non Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Sea Salt.

PRODUCT DETAILS: Non GMO. Vegan. Gluten Free.

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