Bulletproof® - Upgraded Chocolate Powder -16 oz

Product Code: BUL-UCP-I

DESCRIPTION: Bulletproof Upgraded Chocolate Powder is raw, and made from rare, wild, hand-harvested South American cacao beans. Upgraded Chocolate Powder is processed in a high altitude curing process that minimizes chocolate toxins giving you a chocolate that will make you feel great and give you a maximum chocolate flavor and aroma. Add this heart healthy Upgraded Chocolate Powder to your next Paleo pudding, smoothie, and dessert or to make a delicious glass of mocha flavored Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Raw Cacao Powder

PRODUCT DETAILS: 100% Organic. Reseal package after opening.
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Average rating : 5/5
I've tried a lot of different cacao powders and this one is hands down the best (even though I didn't want it to be because it's a bit more pricey). Damn you Dave Asprey!!!

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