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Bulletproof® - Upgraded Vanilla Powder - 2 oz

Product Code: BUL-UVP-I

DESCRIPTION: Bulletproof Upgraded Vanilla Powder is made from 100% pure low-toxin crushed whole vanilla beans crafted from the finest hand-selected Madagascar vanilla beans. Upgraded Vanilla Powder is processed for more than 10 days to help break down toxins and maximize flavor! This great tasting vanilla will transform any delicious Paleo dessert, smoothie or your next cup of Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee into your newest addiction! And not only does it taste delicious but it helps fight inflammation, increases mental performance and is 100% natural!

INGREDIENTS: Ground Vanilla (Madagascar)

PRODUCT DETAILS: Reseal package after opening. Most vanilla bean powders are mixed with fillers like acacia gum and inulin, which decreases the quality and concentration of the vanilla. Upgraded Vanilla is 100% vanilla with no added fillers, so you can use far less while getting even more flavor. 

Product ratings
Number of reviews : 2
Average rating : 5 /5
5/ 5
Love that vanilla powder; use less and it goes a long way.
5/ 5
Beyond delicious and convenient. Lasts forever!