Jackson's Honest - Purple Heirloom Sea Salt Potato Chips - 5 oz

Product Code: JAC-PHPC-I

DESCRIPTION: Grown 8,000 years ago in the Andes Mountains, purple potatoes were once reserved for Inca kings. Coconut oil is the perfect partner to this potato, giving it an unrivaled depth and richness. With 4 times the amount of antioxidants of white fleshed potatoes, these are some of the most nutritionally dense potatoes available. Jackson’s Honest are the only chips on the market that are kettle fried in delicious and nutritious organic coconut oil; not that highly processed and denatured polyunsaturated vegetable oil most companies use. Jackson’s Honest source their potatoes from small-scale family farmers that use organic or biodynamic methods on their farms and never use GMO varieties. They also purchase the highest-grade organic coconut oil from companies that treat the soil and their workers fairly and add sea salt so consumers can benefit from its many trace minerals. Let’s be honest, besides being absolutely delicious, they’re purple!


INGREDIENTS: Non-GMO Potatoes, Organic Coconut Oil, Sea Salt.


PRODUCT DETAILS: Non GMO. Vegan. Naturally Gluten Free.
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