Perfect Keto - Ketone Testing Strips - 100 ct.


Product Code: PKETO-KTS-I

DESCRIPTION: Ketosis can be a powerful way to use your metabolism for fat loss, mental output, physical performance as well as many other health benefits. But how do you know if you’re actually in ketosis? As the old expression goes “test, don’t guess” when it comes to your health. 

As your body begins producing ketones (acetoacetate, in particular) they will not all be used up. The way to measure these excess amounts of ketones is through a simple urine strip. These will spill over into your urine and you can note the level through the change of color on the urine strip. Perfect Keto Ketone Testing Strips are the perfect way to detect ketone levels in the urine. These lab grade, doctor developed, highest quality keto strips are quick, easy and reliable urinalysis testing for ketosis.100 strips per bottle with accurate results and measurement of ketone levels!

Ketosis is the metabolic state where your body burns fat (instead of carbohydrates) for a cleaner burning energy. 

Some of the benefits to ketosis are: 

    • Effortless fat burning
    • Increased energy and mood
    • Improved physical performance
    • Heightened focus and mental output
    • Extended lifespan and longevity

SUGGESTED USE: Immerse the strip into urine for a quick second. Shake off excess urine. Hold strip horizontally for 40 seconds. Match test pad results to the color chart on the label.  

PRODUCT DETAILS: 100 Strips per bottle. Lab Tested. Doctor Approved. Keep away from light and moisture. Immediately close cap after use. Read label before use.

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