Paleo Promise


Real Foods from Companies you can Trust.

We promise to work hard to seek out and stock real foods from real, honest companies we trust. We promise to sell only products that adhere to the strictest standards of our Philosophy.

Satisfied with every single purchase.

We know that your family is your top priority, so we promise to treat every question and concern from our customers like they come from our own family. We want you to have a phenomenal experience with One Stop Paleo Shop, and we want you to be satisfied with every single purchase!


Above all, we promise transparency. You won’t find us twisting “scientific” studies to back our products or masking our business practices. We’ll be upfront about why we selected each product, and you’ll be able to tell that it jives with our philosophy. Your trust is our most important currency. We’ll never compromise that to make a buck.

If you any questions or concerns, thought or ideas – please reach out to us anytime.