Food is Medicine Philosophy


At One Stop Paleo Shop, we believe that food is medicine. We therefore carefully stock our shelves with products that meet our high standards, because we know they reflect the values you want to pass on to your family. That means we only have room for real food from real farms that will help you love your Paleo diet.

“…whole, real, unprocessed ingredients...”

Real food means whole, real, unprocessed ingredients. It means we’ll always show you the label, and you won’t have to Google what you find there. It means that preservatives made in a laboratory don’t have a place in our store. We believe that if you can’t pronounce it, we probably shouldn’t stock it.

We think that food is medicine. Whether you’re looking to manage your autoimmune disease with the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol, improve your performance in the gym or transition your family to a healthier lifestyle, our site is built around a desire to make healthy eating more attainable. That’s why at One Stop Paleo Shop, we are passionate about sourcing from companies that use only the best ingredients. Our virtual shelves reflect that commitment.


“…we think that food is medicine.”

At One Stop Paleo Shop, we think that real food comes from real farms. We are passionate about small outfits that treat their animals with dignity and respect—we believe this is the most sustainable agricultural model, and the only one we’re willing to support. That means you’ll never find products on our site that come from factory farms, where pigs don’t see the light of day and chickens are raised in cages too small for movement. Happy animals make healthier meat. It’s just that simple.

“…sustainably raised, chemical-free sources.”

Likewise, the veggies that land on our shelves come from sustainably raised, chemical-free sources. You won’t find an organic designation on everything in our shop, but that’s just because many of our producers are too small to afford the expensive process of organic labeling!

Finally, our Paleo Philosophy means that if you find a product on our site, you can be sure it’s clean enough for even the strictest Paleo dieter. Everything we stock is free of gluten, grains, dairy, soy and preservatives.

“Everything we stock is free of gluten, grains, dairy, soy and preservatives.”

We’re incredibly choosy, and we only work with the best producers in Paleo. Now all you have to do is click and choose!