4505 - Cracklins - 3 oz

Product Code: 4505-Cr-SS-I

DESCRIPTION: 4505's Cracklins are fried in lard and seasoned to perfection! The cracklins are a heartier, crunchier, more flavor-forward pork rind that appeals to pork enthusiasts everywhere! And the Sea Salt flavor are AIP-friendly too!

4505 was created by Chef & Butcher Ryan Farr while cooking in San Francisco, as an artisanal solution to waste in the meat industry. 4505 pork rinds were the first all-natural, humanely raised pork rind to market. The cracklins are sourced exclusively from sustainably raised hogs, and are an incredibly tasty, protein packed, gluten free snack that appeals to everyone. 4505 boast a short ingredient list containing only items you would find in a kitchen, not in a food lab. Their delicious taste couple with their commitment to only using the best ingredients for both the consumer and the environment, take this old school gas station snack to an entirely new sophisticated and healthy level!


Sea Salt – Pork Cracklings, Sea Salt, Fried in Rendered Pork Fat.

Spicy Green Chili & Lime  – Pork Cracklings, Sea Salt, Inactive Yeast, Green Chili Powder, Habanero Powder, Lime Oil, Fried in Rendered Pork Fat.

PRODUCT DETAILS: 4505's crisp texture comes from cooking in small batches, a tradition that dates to the original chicharron. They also fry the skins in rendered pork fat to minimize waste and utilize all parts of the animal for sustainable production. 4505 partners with small farmers and ranchers to produce the highest quality BBQ and wholesale products, from animals raised humanely and with care. Their products reflect our commitment to flavor and quality!

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