Bare - AIP Crunchy Banana Chips - Simply - 2.7 oz

Product Code: BAR-CBC-S-I

DESCRIPTION: Discover a whole new way to enjoy the amazing taste of tropical bananas. Crafted in small batches, these incredible bananas are baked to perfection. Nothing added. Just the delightful taste of a sweet banana with the satisfying crunch of a chip. When you are craving something delicious, reach for crunchy goodness - reach for bare! Get crunchy - Bare Banana Chips are a great anytime snack to enjoy at home or on the go! They are also a wonderful addition to trail mixes, on top of paleo ice cream, to dip with your favorite nut butter, and so much more! 


PRODUCT DETAILS: Manufactured in a nut free facility. Bare Crunchy Banana Chips are Gluten Free, Non GMO Verified, Certified Kosher, Trans-Fat Free, and Preservative Free. No Oils, no added sugar, about as bare as you can get!

Product ratings
Number of reviews : 5
Average rating : 4.8 /5
So much yum in these products!
Really good, I'd recommend them
I have been a fan of the apple slices for a while now. I decided to try to banana chips and they are my new favorite! The cinnamon and the regular are equally good. Easy, portable, AIP-friendly snack.
Great tasting and healthy.
They are very tasty but they are hard, they were hard on my tooth. But the flavor is there is that I am a bit delicate.

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