Bulletproof® - Glutathione Force - 60 ct

Product Code: BUL-GF-I

DESCRIPTION: Glutathione is known as “the mother of all antioxidants,” and researchers believe that glutathione levels are a powerful predictor of longevity. What exactly is glutathione? This compound is found in every cell in the human body, and acts like that cell’s security guard. It protects them from bacteria, viruses, and toxins. At the same time, it rejuvinates other spent antioxidants like Vitamins C and E. Glutathione also aids in detoxification, energy utilization, and disease prevention.

Most glutathione is made inside the body from three amino acids: glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine. Under healthy conditions, our bodies are able to churn out plenty of glutathione to meet our daily needs. But in today’s world - processed foods, caffeine, alcohol, medications, stress, environmental toxins, and aging deplete the body’s stash, leaving most of us deficient. The average American consumes only 35 milligrams of glutathione per day, far short of the optimal daily intake of 250 milligrams. If sufficient glutathione is not available, toxins will overload the liver and lead to fat soluble toxins being stored in fatty tissues. Many researchers credit the increase in neurological disease and cancer to depleted cellular Glutathione.

Bulletproof Glutathione Force uses a new proprietary compound of phosphatidylcholine, palmitic acid and oleic acid to encapsulate and deliver glutathione in its complete form to the small intestine where it can be absorbed as glutathione. Otherwise, glutathione can be denatured and broken down into individual amino acids in the stomach before reaching the small intestine.

INGREDIENTS: Glutathione. Other ingredients: Phosphatidylcholine, palmitic acid, oleic acid, gelatin, water.

SUGGESTED USE: Each bottle contains 60 capsules (30 servings). Take 2 capsules daily, increasing as you have kryptonite food or are otherwise exposed to a higher level of toxins.

PRODUCT DETAILS: This new formula is 5x more potent than the previous formula. With advances in liposomal delivery systems, Glutathione Force enables powdered glutathione to be effectively absorbed by the body. No sulfur smell or taste in a more convenient, encapsulated form. Non-GMO. Gluten Free. Research also shows that maintaining higher glutathione levels is associated with healthier aging of the brain and body. Other studies indicate that degenerative aging is associated with oxidative stress, a sign that glutathione levels are depleted. Alcohol also depletes glutathione levels, and can make your cells more susceptible to oxidative stress. Upgraded Glutathione Force can help shield your body against the negative effects of alcohol, so when you do have a drink, it doesn’t decrease your performance as much as it would otherwise. 

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I swear by this supplements as well as Vital Proteins Peptides!
Taking this supplement daily has helped my health tremendously. I will continue to use this!

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