Date Lady - Organic Caramel Sauce - 12 oz

Product Code: DL-OCS-I

DESCRIPTION: What'cha gonna do with your Date Lady Organic Caramel Sauce? Well, for starters, you could spoon it onto your favorite paleo ice cream or dessert but that's just the beginning. Swirl it in your latte, dip your favorite fruits or snacks in it, or eat it directly out of the jar (we won’t tell)! It's also gluten-free and kosher certified, and the best part is that it's made with only 3 simple ingredients, giving you the purest caramel sauce you'll find! 

INGREDIENTS: Organic Dates, Sea Salt, Natural Caramel Flavor

PRODUCT DETAILS: Refrigeration is not required. 100% Organic. Gluten Free. Vegan. Kosher. What in the world is natural caramel flavor? The flavor is made only from natural compounds, which includes things like extract (vanilla) and real burnt date sugar. It is non-gmo and contains none of the common allergens. An extremely small amount per batch is used just to help bring forth the natural caramel note of the dates.
Product ratings
Number of reviews : 7
Average rating : 4.9 /5
Can't live without it...So.freaking.delicious on just about everything!!
Tasty, but not like caramel made from cane sugar, FYI.
I love this with my cold coffee!
Good stuff. Love it in coffee
Arrived yesterday. Exactly what we wanted. The squeeze top bottle is very handy and makes it easy to pour and measure the sauce.
Great for desserts!
Tastes great! Love this stuff!

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