Date Lady - Organic Date Sugar - 12 oz

Product Code: DL-ODS-I

DESCRIPTION: It can’t get much better than Organic Date Sugar! Date Sugar is simply dehydrated and ground Dates! Unlike processed cane sugar, there’s no processing whatsoever with Date Sugar – just a pure, unrefined, natural sweetener! Date Sugar lends a gentle sweetness to baked goods and packs in a fiber and mineral power punch not found in most other sweeteners. So ditch the processed sugar and enhance your Paleo baked goods with Organic Date Sugar! Use as a 1:1 ratio to brown sugar or white sugar. 

INGREDIENTS: Organic Date Sugar

PRODUCT DETAILS: Use as a 1:1 ratio to brown sugar or white sugar. Great for baking. Because it is made from whole crushed dates and does retain the fiber, it does not dissolve well in hot or cold liquids. 100% Organic. Gluten Free. Vegan. Kosher.
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Good stuff!
Yum... as stated a bit too gritty for coffee/tea
Love the Date Sugar! Great in baked goods.

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