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Emily Schromm's - Superhero Kit

Product Code: ES-SK-B

DESCRIPTION: Changing your lifestyle and eating habits can be intimidating but when provided with the right tools to succeed, it can be SO MUCH FUN! This Superhero Kit will not only set you up to be successful by giving you the Paleo basics but will also help show you that there are so many options out there that are 21-Day Superhero Challenge approved! Instead of soy sauce try the much healthier Coconut Aminos! Need a quick snack to avoid that hanger? These grass-fed Chomp Sticks will be a great high protein snack that will keep you full and satisfied. Hate breakfast but need to eat? Blend that delicious and nutty Brown Butter Ghee with your coffee in the morning to start your day off right! Enjoy the superior cooking oil, Grass fed Beef Tallow, with seemingly endless limits. Replace the potato chips with the delicious crisp Plantain Strips. Do you have a craving for something sweet? You won’t have to feel too guilty with the Paleo WB Cookies! And don't forget the Primal Mayo for my quick and easy Paleo Chicken Salad when you are needed a fast meal!


1 Coconut Secret – Coconut Aminos – 8 oz

1 Tin Star Foods – Brown Butter Ghee – 16 oz

1 Epic – Animal Oils – Grass Fed Beef Tallow - 11 oz

1 Primal Kitchen – Mayo – 12 oz

1 Artisan Tropic – Sea Salt Plantain Strips – 4.5 oz

5 Chomp Sticks – Grass Fed Snack Stick – 5 sticks

2 WB Cookies – Cookies – 2 packs

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5/ 5
Between the Ona bars, beef sticks, plantain chips, and mayo I just can't decide what is my favorite!
5/ 5
Box of necessities!
5/ 5