Fatco - Fat Stick - .5 oz

Product Code: FATF-FS-I

DESCRIPTION: Most commercial chap sticks or lip balms contain chemicals that people apply to their lips each day. We've learned to read labels on our food, so now let's start learning to read the labels on our skincare products too! 

Are you looking for a multi-purpose stick that you can carry with you anywhere to help combat dryness? This bad boy is a lip balm, cuticle repair, and lotion stick ALL IN ONE! Chapped lips? Not a problem, Fat Stick to the rescue! Apply Fat Stick to rough, dry patches on your face. Are your elbows or knees a little dry? Simply rub Fat Stick on them. Are your cuticles feeling dry and cracked? Apply a little Fat Stick on them to leave them moisturized and healthy! And this stick isn't called FAT for no reason! Where other chapstick usually comes in a wimpy little 0.15oz tube, our FAT STICK comes in a HUGE 0.5oz tube! This tube is 1" in diameter and almost 3" long! Essential oils of Lavender and Peppermint give this stick what we think smells a bit like chocolate :)

INGREDIENTS: Beeswax, Organic Tallow from Grass Fed Cows, Cocoa Butter*, Shea Butter*, Coconut Oil*, Almond Oil*, Kukui Nut Oil, Olive Oil*, Rosehip Seed Oil*, Essential Oils of Peppermint* and Lavender*. *Denotes an Organic Ingredient

PRODUCT DETAILS: Apply the FAT STICK to any part of your body that you think could use a bit more moisture!
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I don't go anywhere in life without this thing. There's one on my desk, in my purse, on my dresser and always in my travel bag or hiking backpack. This stuff is amazing!!
Great smelling. I can't wait to take this hiking with me.

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