Fatco - Myrrhaculous Face Cream - 1 oz

Product Code: FATF-FC-I

DESCRIPTION: We care about the food that we put into our bodies because we KNOW that it affects the way we feel, look, and function! So WHY don't we put the same amount of thought and effort into the stuff that we put ONTO our body!? Did you know that your Skin is your largest organ, and that most of the stuff that you put on your skin is absorbed and processed by your body! Pretty much every store-bought skin care product contains chemical ingredients you wouldn’t dare to eat so why should we put them on your face?

"I'm gonna rub some beef fat on my face!" said no one, ever until now! Say hello to Fatco Myrrhaculous Face Cream. Tallow from grass-fed cows is super high in omega-3, CLA and is rich in nutrients that plant-based oils do not possess. Tallow is combined with tons of other natural oils and butter. Essential oils that are calming and relaxing (perfect for use before bed) are then added making this the perfect facial moisturizer! Maintaining healthy skin is one of myrrh oil's renowned uses, as it prevents the signs of aging and soothes cracked or chapped skin. Use this right before bed for an amazingly nourishing night regimen!

INGREDIENTS: Organic Tallow from GrassFed Cows, Coconut Oil*, Shea Butter*, Jojoba Oil*, Pumpkin Seed Oil*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Avocado Oil*, Beeswax, Rosehip Seed Oil*, Evening Primrose Oil*, Borage Oil*, Moringa Oil*, Argan Oil*, Essential Oils of Lavender* and Myrrh*. *Deonotes an Organic Ingredient.

PRODUCT DETAILS: Scoop out about a pea-size drop and massage into your skin, being careful to avoid the eye area. Please note that this product contains Myrrh essential oil. It is advised that women do not use this oil (or products containing this oil) during pregnancy, as it can act as a uterine stimulant. Remember, a little goes a long way!
Product ratings
Number of reviews : 2
Average rating : 4.5 /5
Just started using. It is somewhat gritty on my face, which was unexpected. It does leave my skin soft though, so far. The fragrance is nice and mild.
My face is so soft and smooth it is not even funny... I am in love with this product.. the whole line actually. I love all of their products.

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