Fatworks - Grassfed Lamb Pure Tallow - 8 oz

Product Code: FAT-LT-I

DESCRIPTION: What is Tallow you ask? Tallow is simply fat that is melted off the animal. As Lard is to pigs, Tallow is to beef or lambs. Fatworks Pure Lamb Tallow is crafted from 100% grassfed, pasture raised lambs, then kettle-rendered for a clean consistent flavor. Add to that Fatworks’ exclusive meticulous filtering techniques and the result is “Pure Premium Tallow”!


Lamb Tallow is the type of cooking oil that turns the flavor up to 11! There is very little of the "gaminess" typically associated with lamb, and this versatile tallow has a very subtle, mild (and did we mention, delicious) flavor, making it ideal for sautéing your favorite leafy greens, roasting vegetables, and for pan frying any and all meat. Lamb Tallow also adds a piquant depth to soups and stews. And of course, let us never forget the amazing and spudtacular things tallow can do to a potato! In fact, any root veggie will roast or fry beautifully with Lamb Tallow. And remember, Tallow is also very durable and has a high smoke point in the 400’s. THIS MEANS IT’S REUSABLE! Yes, strain the fat through a cheesecloth or strainer and use it again!


INGREDIENTS: 100% Grassfed Lamb Tallow


PRODUCT DETAILS: Keep in Pantry. Refrigeration is not necessary. You can keep in the fridge but it will turn rock hard and then you will need to give it a hot water bath (or microwave it if you are into that sort of thing.) Once it's slightly melted it will be "spoonable" and ready for you to enjoy. Tallow is naturally shelf stable for years. It’s probably not a good idea to put Tallow down the drain.


Fatworks crafts the finest premium traditional fats in the world while crusading against fat-phobia everywhere. Fatworks. Their products are absolutely and unapologetically nutritional premium fat! No Artificial Ingredients. Only hormone and antibiotic free humanely raised AWA certified grassfed beef is used.

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