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Fatworks - Pasture Raised Pork Pure Lard - 14 oz

Product Code: FAT-PL-I

DESCRIPTION: Fatworks Pure Lard is made from 100% Pasture Raised non-GMO, hormone and antibiotic free pigs. Made from mostly delicious back fat, Pure Lard was crafted for those serious about taking their baking or frying to the highest levels! Packing a heavenly pig flavor punch, Pure Lard is optimal for frying and sautéing anything! So, it's time to give both your food and your mouth a true piggyback flavor ride! Lard is able to withstand medium to high heat and like Tallow, Lard can be reused! Yes, strain the fat through a cheesecloth or strainer and use it again!

INGREDIENTS: 100% Pasture Raised non-GMO, hormone and antibiotic free pigs.

PRODUCT DETAILS: Keep in Refrigerator. Lard will last 12-18 months in the fridge (if you dare not use it by then!). Spoon out desired amount and enjoy! Never dispose lard down the drain.

Fatworks crafts the finest premium traditional fats in the world while crusading against fat-phobia everywhere. Fatworks products are absolutely and unapologetically nutritional premium fat! No Artificial Ingredients.

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5/ 5
Great oil!! Love to cook with it!!!