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Hepp's Salt - Applewood Smoked Sea Salt - 2.5 oz

Product Code: HEPP-AS-I

DESCRIPTION: Start with sea salt and slow smoke it using real applewood. Delicate smolder with a subtle hint of fruit makes this smoked sea salt very versatile as a rub, marinade, or finishing salt. Hepp’s Smoked Salts are not made with artificial flavors, colors or liquid smoke, just salt and the natural smoke from wood! Use this incredible smoked salt with meats, seafood, poultry, sauces, soups, and spice blends!

INGREDIENTS: Smoked Sea Salt.

PRODUCT DETAILS: Hepp's Salt CO. was created with a vision to re-invent the way people think about salt. The days of salt being used solely as an enhancer are behind us. Today, Hepp’s Salt CO. is pioneering the new way salts can not only enhance, but also transform your cuisine into robust and inspiring dishes, bursting with flavor and style!