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Kasandrinos - Ultra Premium Fig Balsamic Vinegar - 200 ml

Product Code: KAS-FBV-I

DESCRIPTION: Today, most Balsamic Vinegars on the shelves consist simply of caramel coloring, added sugar, flavorings, unnatural added sulfites, and low-grade vinegar that is boiled down and stored in stainless steel tanks. These low quality industrial produced Balsamic Vinegars are cheap, can be produced fast, but at what cost to your health? Luckily our good friends at Kasandrinos spent over a year researching and finding the perfect, credible Balsamic Vinegar which we are now proud to share with you. Not only is this Premium Balsamic Vinegar incredible because of its richness and depth of flavor but also because of the addition of fresh fig to create a jammy, sweetness that is sure to please! The Fig Balsamic is made the right way, with no shortcuts and definitely with no added sugars, caramel colorings, or any other artificial or chemical additives. Kasandrinos Fig Balsamic Vinegar compliments the Paleo diet and everything else in between.


INGREDIENTS: California Wine, Wine Vinegars, Concentrated Grape Juice from 100% Grapes. Fig Juice Concentrate.


PRODUCT DETAILS: Produced from grapes. Contains no caramel coloring or added sugar. Non GMO. May contain naturally occurring sulfites.

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5/ 5
Excellent product and a good value.