Keto At Home Pack

Product Code: KETO-HOME-B

DESCRIPTION: The key to success when adjusting your diet is having the tools on hand to do the job right. Each fat source in the Keto Kitchen Essentials Box provides you with a different flavor profile so you can have fun in the kitchen without breaking the bank. With these high-fat essentials, you’ll have everything you need to prepare a keto-friendly meal on your own, or with the guidance of my meal plan subscription program, Balanced Keto. Get more information at


1 Primal Kitchen - Mayo - 12 oz

1 Pure Wraps - Raw Vegan Coconut Wraps - 4/pk

1 Coconut Secret - Organic Coconut Aminos - 8 oz

1 Artisana - Raw Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil - 14 oz

1 Epic - Animal Oils - 11 oz

 1 Gold Mine - Live Probiotic Ferments - 16 oz