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Klio - Organic Greek Sage Tea (Faskomilo) - 65 g / 2.5 oz

Product Code: KLI-GST-I

DESCRIPTION: Greek Sage Tea, known as “Faskomilo” in Greece, is an aromatic, soothing, and stimulating tea with a warm flavor that has been long valued for its abundant health benefits. There are many varieties of Sage found around the world. The Greek variety, “Salvia fruticosa”, is adapted to the rocky mountainous terrain of Greece and is extremely aromatic and pungent, bearing virtually no resemblance to the Sage that is found in North America. It is also considered to be one of the highest quality of sage found anywhere in the world.


Throughout history, sage has been regarded for its curing effects for a broad range of maladies. In fact, the botanical name for Sage comes from the Latin word Salvere “to save”, because of its numerous beneficial properties. Klio Organic Greek Sage Tea contains high levels of antioxidants, which help stave off the damaging effects of free radicals. Klio Organic Greek Sage Tea also contains 15mg of Rosmarinic Acid and 1.5mg of Quercetin – two very beneficial phytonutrients.


Klio Greek Sage Tea is a single varietal, whole leaf, organic tea, pure, and unprocessed without any added ingredients, colorings or flavorings. Every leaf and stem are hand packed with all of its natural oils, extracts and antioxidants intact -these are typically degraded with mechanical processing.

Diet: AIP-Friendly, Keto, Low Carb


INGREDIENTS: Organic Greek Sage Tea.


Pot Method: Bring about 10oz of water to a boil in a small pot. Add a very small handful of leaves (2.5g), cover and remove from heat. Allow steeping for 5-7 minutes. Strain and enjoy!
Infuser Method: Add leaves to infuser, bring 10oz of water to a boil and pour over leaves. Allow steeping for 5-7 minutes.


Greek Sage tea can be very strong – It is best to first try it with a shorter steeping period. A bit of raw honey also can help softens the edges and adds another health dimension to this “super drink”.


PRODUCT DETAILS: Makes approximately Twenty-Five 10 oz cups of tea. 100% Organic. AIP-Friendly. Klio Teas are pure, single varietal, loose leaf, unblended, and naturally caffeine free. EU and USDA certified organic. Product of Greece.