Legit Bread Company - Legit AIP Bagel Mix - 10.5 oz

Product Code: LBC-AIPBM-I

DESCRIPTION: Legit Bread Company was developed by Jennifer Robins of Predominantly Paleo, one of the most respected bloggers in the Paleo community, who after giving up gluten and then grains, realized how inauthentic paleo and allergen friendly bread options were. She locked herself in her kitchen, refusing to come out until the loaf was legit. Shared as a recipe on her blog, and in one of her cookbooks, she realized her work wasn't done until she could put her sought-after recipe conveniently into the hands of those who needed and adored it. But why stop there?! Now you too can make homemade grain-free bagels, that are not just good... but LEGIT, in minutes!

This delicious Bagel Mix is AIP friendly! It contains no nightshades, seeds, nuts, soy, gluten, grains, dairy, or eggs! It is allergen friendly and compliant with the Autoimmune Protocol. It is manufactured in a nut free and gluten free certified facility. It requires yeast, honey and water to make the completed bagels.

INGREDIENTS: Otto's Cassava Flour, Tigernut Flour, Arrowroot Flour, Sea Salt.

PRODUCT DETAILS: No special pans or equipment is needed, but you will need to have a packet of yeast, maple syrup or honey, and water. This is a traditional bagel making method - mix and shape by hand, then boil and bake. They are best eaten the day you make them or the next day. Instructions are on the bag, included a recipe for Everything Bagels and Chocolate Chip Bagels (if tolerated).

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