Liberated Specialty Foods - Beyond Paleo Ketchup - 13 oz

Product Code: LSF-BPK-I

DESCRIPTION: Most commercial bought bottled ketchups contain a large amount of refined sugar, usually as some form of genetically engineered corn syrup. Many brands also add “natural flavorings,” which are really flavor-boosting chemicals, one being the dangerous MSG. That was until now! Liberated Specialty Foods has come out with a Paleo Certified Ketchup that is absolutely delicious and free of refined sugars or chemical additives! Sweetened with a touch of raw honey, this guilt-free Ketchup will be your new favorite condiment!

INGREDIENTS: Tomatoes, Pure Raw Honey, Filtered Apple Cider Vinegar, Sea Salt, Onion, Paprika, Bay Leaves.

PRODUCT DETAILS: Shake Well before use. Refrigerate after opening. Paleo Certified. Gluten Free. Non GMO. Refined Sugar Free. Liberated Specialty Foods believes in keeping recipes simple, healthy, and delicious. Discover what clean eating really tastes like.

Product ratings
Number of reviews: 16
Average rating : 4.8/5
Paleo ketchup... yum!
This paleo ketchup is the best! Great flavor and family loves it!
Love this Ketchup! It's our favorite.
Haven't tried it yet..
Wow... this tastes just like ketchup. So happy to find this.
Haven't actually tried this yet
Not quite as good as regular catsup but very close!
Tastes good
It's wonderful to find a ketchup sweetened with honey rather than sugar, sorbitol, xylitol, or other highly processed sugar derivatives or artificial sweeteners.
Another great discovery. My family loves ketchup, and I love the ingredients in this.
Excellent ketchup when you want that "tomato" taste along with your sweet potato fries or a grilled burger!
Love the ketchup and the fact it's Paleo friendly.
I've not opened it yet.
Very good. Great fresh tomato taste. I would recommend
A tasty alternative

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