Natural Stacks - Magtech - 90 ct.

Product Code: NS-MT-I

DESCRIPTION: Magnesium is arguably the most important mineral in the body. Not only does Magnesium help regulate calcium, potassium and sodium, but magnesium also is essential for cellular health and is a critical component of over 300 biochemical functions in the body including muscle and nerve function, regulating blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and supporting the bodies detoxification process just to name a few. Unfortunately, around 80 percent of us may have a magnesium deficiency with the majority not even knowing it!

Say hello to Natural Stacks MagTech™ - a superior magnesium supplement for improving brain function and sleep quality. It features three of the most bioavailable types of magnesium known to have the highest absorption, L-Threonate, Taurate, and Glycinate. Each compound is fully chelated for optimal absorption and effectiveness. “Chelated” means that the magnesium is bonded to an amino acid. Chelation is the body’s natural means to transport minerals across the intestinal wall as part of digestion, so chelated magnesium is far better absorbed than most supplements which are cheap magnesium salts. This combination guarantees you the best results from your magnesium supplementation - crystal clear brain function; deep, restorative sleep; and greater calm and reduced anxiety throughout the day!

INGREDIENTS: Magnesium from Magnesium L-Threonate, Magnesium Taurate, and Magnesium Glycinate. Other ingredients: vegetable capsule, cellulose, vegetable stearate, silica.

SUGGESTED USE: Serving Size: 3 Capsules. Take 2 servings per pay, preferably 1 serving in the afternoon and 1 serving in the evening.

PRODUCT DETAILS: Non-GMO. Gluten Free. Soy Free. No Artificial Colors. No Preservatives. Natural Stacks never uses “Proprietary Blends” in their formulas. You have every right to know exactly what you’re putting into your body. With their transparent ingredient lists – you’re always in control! All Natural Stacks ingredients are selected solely on the basis of their quality and purity - only selecting the most bioavailable ingredients available. This means that you reap the full benefit of each and every product. Natural Stacks carefully avoid the cheap, synthetic compounds used by most supplement companies and the capsules are vegetarian-friendly and allow for optimal absorption.

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