Paleo Family Snack Box

Product Code: PF-SB-B

DESCRIPTION: Converting your family to Paleo can be tricky, especially when you ask your kids to swap out their convenience staples for fruit-and-veggie-based snacks. But when you have a repertoire of healthy, tasty on-the-go foods, Paleo suddenly becomes more approachable! In The Paleo Family Snack Box, we’ve gathered a sampling of our favorite prepackaged (but healthy!) paleo snacks for your family to try. Whether you need a protein-filled snack to tide over the kiddos until dinner, a delicious cookie to add to a packed lunch or something to scoop up your favorite dips, these cleaner options are sure to be a lifesaver. And who knows, your kids might just discover a new favorite!


3 RX Bars

3 New Primal - Beef Sticks

3 Rawr Bars - Fruit and Veggie Leathers

3 WB Kitchen - Ona Cookies

1 Simple Mills - Almond Flour Crackers

 1 Bacon Heirs - Pork Clouds