Pili Hunters - Expedition Pili Butter - Keto Classic - 6 oz

Pili Hunters

Dairy Free Egg Free Gluten Free Grain Free Keto Paleo Soy Free Sugar Free Vegan

DESCRIPTION: The world’s best kept secret nut is now available in butter form! Expedition Pili Butter uses ethically sourced, sprouted pili nuts to bring you a nut butter like no other. No sugar, no preservatives, and entirely sustainable, this keto-friendly power fuel will keeping you summiting whatever mountains life brings you. Prepare for long days on the trail, bike rides on the open road, or some inbox shredding at the office with the help of this paleo, non-gmo, vegan nut butter. 

This pili nut butter is amazing for munching straight out of the jar, as well as for use while cooking! Spread it out on some homemade paleo bread or your favorite high fat smoothie. 

Diet:  Paleo, Whole 30, Keto


Keto Classic - Sprouted Pili Nuts, Organic Coconut Butter, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Himalayan Sea Salt.

PRODUCT DETAILS: Each jar is filled with nuts which are hand-picked and hand-shucked from the volcanic regions of the Philippines. These nuts are grown in some of the richest soil in the world with no pesticides or fertilizers and only fed by natural rainfall, near perfect temperature, and abundant sunlight. Vegan. Keto. Gluten Free. Pre-Sprouted.