Primal Palate Organic Spices - Savory Kit

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DESCRIPTION: It’s safe to say that when cooking, the most important component of preparing food is making sure everything is seasoned to perfection! Bill and Hayley Staley of Primal Palate have used their skills in the kitchen to perfect the most delicious spice blends that make seasoning any dish a cinch! Since the early days of when Bill and Hayley started Primal Palate they have always had a dream of offering a line of spices whose quality, freshness, and flavor would surpass anything that was available in the grocery stores. And after years of searching, they are proud to stand behind their line of organic spices; which are truly the highest quality spices around! 

The Primal Palate Organic Spices – Savory Kit will set the stage for those hearty, cool weather meals. Whether you are preparing a special holiday feast, or simply preparing an easy dinner in the slow cooker, these classic flavors will help you season just about anything! The Savory Kit includes French Grey Sea Salt, Rosemary, Sage, and Thyme. In France, French Grey Sea Salt is prized for it’s moist delicate crystals and rich ocean flavor perfect for beef, lamb, and poultry dishes. Rosemary is such a fragrant, woody herb that has such a distinct aroma while cooking and pairs especially well with chicken, turkey, lamb, and pork. Sage has long been known not only as a culinary herb but a medicinal herb, too! It has a slight peppery flavor and will go great on your holiday roast, poultry and other meats. Thyme is one of the most popular herbs around with its distinct flavor that complements most hearty and savory dishes including soups, roasts, and vegetables. Now what are you waiting for…let’s get cooking! 


French Grey Sea Salt - French Grey Sea Salt. 

Rosemary - Rosemary 

Sage - Sage 

Thyme - Thyme 

PRODUCT DETAILS: Certified Gluten-Free, Kosher, USDA Organic, Whole30 Approved, Non-GMO, and Non-Irradiated. 

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