Roots - Sticky Nosh Granola - Pumpkin Spice - 7.5 oz


AIP Dairy Free Egg Free Gluten Free Grain Free NutFree Paleo Soy Free Sugar Free

DESCRIPTION: Sticky Nosh is delicious AIP compliant sticky "granola" and it is absolutely addicting! Sticky Nosh starts with Roots Tigernut Butter. Coconut, banana chips, raisins, pure maple and wonderful raw Blackberry Honey is then added. The result is a "sticky" AIP granola so incredible, it will make everyone want to join the AIP movement!

Tigernuts are not only delicious but are also packed with incredible nutrients and health enhancing properties. These little morsels have become so popular recently because they are also hypo-allergenic, low FODMAP, and AIP friendly! But how? Well for starters, Tigernuts are not nuts at all! They are a root vegetable grown in North Africa with a wonderful nutty and sweet taste and texture!


Pumpkin Spice -  Roots Tigernut Butter (Organic Tigernut, Avocado Oil, Organic Tigernut Oil, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt), Dried Banana Chips (Banana Chips, Coconut Oil), Dried Coconut, Raw North West Blackberry Honey, Organic Raisins, Pure Maple Syrup, Organic Saigon Cinnamon, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Mace, Clove.

PRODUCT DETAILS: The raisins DO NOT have any seed oils of any kind. AIP friendly! Nut Free. At Roots we know how important it is to have products free from allergens. Every precaution is taken to avoid cross contamination in our facility: including using dedicated mixers. No preservatives or artificial anything is used. Hand-filled and small batched with love! Roots “nut” butters and sticky nosh are the only butters available without tree nuts, seeds, soy or peanuts! Additionally, we don’t cut quality by using inflammatory seed oils - we use premium 100% Avocado oil!