Serenity Kids - Pasture Raised Real Baby Food - 3.5 oz

Product Code: SERK-RBF-B-I

DESCRIPTION: Serenity Kids is the first perfectly Paleo, pouch-delivered baby food offering the naturally balanced ratio of protein, fat, and carbohydrates babies over six-months-old need to thrive! Each pouch is high in healthy fats, low in sugar and includes only premium, humanely raised meats and organic veggies.

Serenity Kids Pouches are totally free of hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, gluten, fillers, grain, dairy, corn, allergens, eggs and nuts. And everything is sourced from small, American family farms practicing regenerative agriculture because we wanted only the best! And these balanced, nutrient-rich nourishing pouches are so delicious that we are finding people of all ages loving these as a pick me up or on-the-go snack!


Grass-fed Beef w/ Organic Kale & Sweet Potato - Organic Sweet Potato, Water, Grass-fed Beef, Organic Kale, Himalayan Sea Salt.

Free Range Chicken w/ Organic Peas and Carrots - Organic Peas, Organic Carrots, Organic Free Range Chicken, Water, Organic Avocado Oil, Himalayan Sea Salt.

PRODUCT DETAILS: Pouches are shelf stable until they are opened and taste great at room temperature. Refrigerate after opening and either eat or freeze within 24 hours. The chicken and all of our vegetables are certified organic and are non-GMO project verified. The beef is raised organically, with no hormones, antibiotics or GMO feed. Pouches are made from a BPA-free plastic. Baby approved but people of all ages love these pouches!

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