Smokin Joe's - Mesquite Smoked Jerky - 2 oz

Product Code: SMOJ-MSJ-I

DESCRIPTION: It doesn’t get anymore authentic than this! You will feel like you just left a smokehouse after indulging in this incredible jerky! It all starts with 100% Grass-fed, hormone free beef, which is hand-cut, smoked, and dried using 100% Arizona Mesquite wood. Then it’s left to age before being hand-cut again and packaged. We have tried plenty of jerky over the years, but Smokin’ Joe’s Mesquite Wood Smoked Jerky is an explosion of flavor that will leave your mouth asking for more! Unlike conventional jerky found at your local grocery stores, Smokin’ Joe’s is made without all the unnecessary sugar, gluten, sodium nitrate, preservatives, and MSG! This protein packed jerky is a perfect on the go snack when your day gets busy and you need a little pick me up.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Grass Fed beef, Sea salt, White pepper, Mace, Cayenne Pepper, Paprika, Garlic Power, Onion Powder. Smoked using 100% Arizona Mesquite Wood.

PRODUCT DETAILS: Keep Refrigerated upon receiving your Jerky for ultimate freshness. Jerky will stay fresh and ready to eat for up to 8 weeks in the refrigerator! Consume within a few days after opening. Jerky is sugar free, soy free, with no added MSG & no added nitrites. 100% Grass-Fed beef is all natural, free of hormones and antibiotics. 100% Arizona Mesquite Wood Smoked.