Sweetpotato Awesome - Organic Freeze Dried Sweet Potato Slices - Sea Salt - 2 oz

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Sweetpotato Awesome

AIP Dairy Free Gluten Free Grain Free Paleo Soy Free Sugar Free Vegan

DESCRIPTION: Sweet Potatoes baked in coconut oil and seasonings, then freeze dried to preserve the awesome, Sweetpotato Awesome takes guilty free snacking to a whole new level! Using a propietary process to prepare the sweetpotatoes for the freeze drying, these slices not only have a unique texture and high retention of nutrients but a long shelf life as well due to it's extremely low moisture content.

Slices are cut at a thickness that allows them to be used like a cracker or a piece of toast or flat bread and sturdy enough to dip and scoop! It's not a chip - it's a slice... a slice of awesome!

Cinnamon are seasoned with organic virgin coconut oil, sea salt and organic fair trade ceylon cinnamon.  They are called "Original Awesome" because this was the first flavor made and one of our favorites!

Sea Salt are simply seasoned with organic virgin coconut oil and sea salt. Flat Out Awesome is similar to sweet potato toast with the added benefit of having a long shelf life and a unique crunchy texture. Anything you would put on a sandwich you can use with Flat Out Awesome!

Dill & Garlic are seasoned with organic virgin coconut oil, sea salt, organic garlic granules and organic dill weed. Deliciously Awesome was the first savory flavor developed and has consistently been a best seller!


      Sea Salt - Organic Sweet Potato, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Sea Salt.

      PRODUCT DETAILS: AIP. Certified Kosher. Organic. No artificial preservatives or added sugars.. just clean, simple ingredients!

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