Dirt - Oil Pulling Mouthwash - 4 oz

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Dairy Free Gluten Free Grain Free Paleo Soy Free Sugar Free

DESCRIPTION: Yes, you read that right - this excellent elixir is both an oil pull and a mouthwash! For moments when you crave instant freshness, gargle a small amount for one to three minutes to let the clove, mint, and peppermint work their bad-breath-busting powers. Then, when you have a few extra minutes, try oil pulling to really get in there and freshen things up. This mighty yet gentle elixir contains antimicrobial sesame and coconut oils that not only make your breath feel fresher, they actually fight plaque, and detoxify your gums, tongue, teeth, and sinuses. Just swish to “pull” the oils back, forth, and all around your mouth for anywhere between five and 20 minutes. When completed, spit the mixture out to rid your mouth of the frothy mixture as well as post-swishing germs and toxins. No matter how you use it, your breath will thank you!

INGREDIENTS: Sesame Oil, MCT Oil (fractionated Coconut Oil), Organic Grass Fed Ghee, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Hexane Free Organic Stevia Extract, Organic Natural Menthol, Organic Peppermint Oil, Cardamom Essential Oil, Clove Bud Essential Oil


As a Mouthwash - Swiftly swish a small amount for 1-3 minutes and the oils of clove, mint, and peppermint will leave your mouth as clean as a whistle, and breath so fancy and fresh.

As an Oil Pull - Considerately cradle a quaff for 5-20 minutes and the oils of sesame and coconut will coax a host of terrible toxins from your teeth and gums, all while you savor sea buckthorns bubble-gummy mums. (We highly recommend spitting the oil out after pulling, since it'll be all frothy and stuff with the bacteria you're trying to get rid of (which is good, 'cause that's how you know it works!)

PRODUCT DETAILS: 4 oz bottle has about 32 +/- cap full servings! Chemical Free. Gluten Free. Soy Free. Corn Free. Cruelty Free.

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