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Tin Star Foods - Grassfed Cultured Ghee - 8 oz

Product Code: TIN-G8-I

DESCRIPTION: If you’re sensitive to dairy but missing the creamy richness of butter, ghee is your new best friend! Tin Star Foods Cultured Ghee is derived from a pure cultured sweet cream. Culturing helps produce enzymes that break down the irritating casein and lactose that make dairy indigestible for so many. Combined with a triple filtration process, Tin Star Brown Butter is safe for all but the most sensitive digestive systems—it’s even lab-tested to be completely lactose and casein free! You can see the purity of this product in the gorgeous yellow color, which comes from the cows’ access to lush green grass year round. The result is a mild and delicate Ghee that still has a creamy, rich, butter flavor. And since ghee has an incredibly high smoke point (close to 500 degrees!) it’s a stable cooking fat that can be used in all your favorite recipes.


INGREDIENTS: Cultured Cream


PRODUCT DETAILS: We are offering this product at the lowest price we possibly can because we love you but because of that, unfortunately, other coupons or discounts do not apply for this product. Refrigeration is not required. Consistency will change with temperature and may separate – simply stir and enjoy. Store in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight. 100% Grass-fed. No added salt, preservatives, trans fats, dyes, or colorings.

Product ratings
Number of reviews : 6
Average rating : 5 /5
5/ 5
I haven't tried this one yet!
5/ 5
5/ 5
This is great ghee. It has such a nice, buttery smell and taste. Will purchase again.
5/ 5
Always a staple in my kitchen since I don't handle butter well.
5/ 5
Love this stuff!!!!
5/ 5
Tin Star makes the very best ghee and brown butter!