Wild Foods - Brew at Home Cold Brew Coffee Kits - 2 pouches/kit

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DESCRIPTION: 1 Wild Foods Cold Brew Pouch + 24 ounces Cold Water + 24 hours in the Fridge = Delicious Cold Brew at home!

We love cold brew iced coffee here at OneStopPaleoShop... a lot. The cold brew method produces a smooth, low acid and sweet cup of coffee. And when you pour it over ice, man-o-man, is it good! What we realized though, is not many people know what cold brew is, let alone how to make it and even if you do, making it at home can be a bit of a process and pain. That was until now!

The Wild Foods Brew at Home Cold Brew Kit is a brew-at-home system made from Wild Food's best-selling fresh roasted then ground Organic Wild Coffee that is sealed in special filter pouches. Wild Cold Brew is so easy a caveman can brew it ;) Simply add a pouch to a jar, pitcher, or large mason jar and add 24 oz of filtered water. Cover and refrigerate for 24 hours. That's it! No grinders or fancy brewing equipment needed! Wild Cold Brew is the perfect solution for easy, yummy and wonderfully smooth coffee that is always ready to drink!


Peru Light - Single-Origin 100% Organic Arabica Beans grown in Catamarca Peru. Peru Light has a smooth, slightly nutty taste with an unassuming and consistent body that doesn't over impose on the palette.

Sidamo - Single-Origin 100% Arabica Beans grown in Oromia region of Ethiopia. Sidamo is a medium roast that has  a creamy body and notes of fruit and berries.

Lumberjack Blend - Blend of Three Single-Origin 100% Arabica Beans from the Chiapas region of Mexico. This dark roast is nutty with notes of caramel and slight baker's chocolate.

INSTRUCTIONS: Add 1 pouch to a jar, pitcher, or large mason jar and add 24 oz of filtered water. Cover and refrigerate for 24 hours. Remove back and enjoy!

PRODUCT DETAILS: Wild Foods Cold Brew Coffee are rated Premium Grade “1,” the highest rating available for coffee. While we recommend you consume your cold brew within 3-5 days of brewing, it keeps quite well for extended periods of time. We can't recommend anything beyond two weeks because the flavor will deteriorate, but in our tests, it still tastes pretty darn good when left in the fridge for long periods of time!


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Tastes great. Not that burnt taste like many other coffee brands and simplifies our mornings by always having a couple of jars brewing in the fridge.

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